Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why isn't the US Government helping to find Bigfoot?

A widely held belief (based on evidence and stories) within the American bigfoot community is that the government is aware of the presence of a tall hairy man-like creature living in the woodlands in the USA, and that a concerted effort is made by gov organisations like the dept of the interior, to pretend that they aren't aware of them. Many feel that if the government openly admits that they are aware the creature exists, it will negatively effect the economy in several areas. 

Consider what might occur if tomorrow the government admits that it's aware that Bigfoot exists. First, because there can't be that many creatures out there, the tree huggers of the world would demand that it be put on the endangered species list. 

This is what many people fear: If it is put on the list, then millions of acres of woodlands, both private and public, will be locked down as protected habitats. That means the lumber industry will come to a screeching halt, the cost of available lumber would go sky high, people would stop building homes, and jillions of people whose livelihood revolves around the building industry would lose their jobs as a result. Not a good situation. 

Next....whether you are aware of it or not, hundreds of people go missing without a trace in almost all national and state parks, and across the nation in many rural/wooded areas every year. While some of these missing people are found rather quickly, safe and sound, many many others are either found dead in unusual locations and circumstances, or are never found at all and are written off as dead or missing. While some tend to attribute these missing people to predatory animal attacks, a certain percentage of these cannot be explained away easily, or at all. It is the belief of some researchers that Bigfoot is likely behind the situations where the missing people simply vanish, never to be found. 

One of the most shocking aspects to this "missing and never found" phenomenon is that the US National Park Service claims that it doesn't even keep a database or records of those who go missing in the parks. Imagine that....but it's true.

Now, if the government were to admit publicly that they are aware that Bigfoot definitely exists, it would give a lot of weight to the opinions regarding bigfoot possibly being behind the missing people. Once this happens, the actual numbers of people who turn up missing every day will become widely known over time, and people will start to avoid state and national parks like the plague. Who wants to take their family hiking or fishing or camping, knowing that the boogieman isnt make believe any more, and that 15 adults and children have vanished over the past 10 yrs right there in the vicinity of your favorite camping spot? This will result in huge losses in income to communities around these recreation areas, as well as to the government itself, which gains some income from fees collected from users of the parks. 

There are other government bigfoot issues, but Ive laid out two huge reasons why our government is staying out of the search for bigfoot. 

If you'd like to learn more about the scads of people who vanish from state and national parks every year, and learn about how the government resists sharing info on missing people,  pick up a copy of one the books in David Paulides' missing 411 series. Or you can listen to one of the dozens of podcasts of interviews with him on you tube. It's terrifying stuff. You'll never view a visit out in nature the same way again.

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