Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bigfoot...for the Beginner

The question regarding the existence of a usually nocturnal man-like hairy hominid with huge feet and an uncanny ability to avoid being detected and seen and recorded while living in the woods and meadows across the USA and other countries, is indeed a fascinating one. I've been interested in the subject since I was a kid back in the 70's and remain today intricately interested in the subject. I subscribe to a couple of blogs and websites on the topic, as well as a dozen or so YouTube channels on the subject of Sasquatch/Bigfoot.

Some of these YouTube channels are really cool, in that the researchers are going out in the woods with their HD video cameras and documenting their attempts to either find evidence of, catch a glimpse of, or interact with these shadowy creatures. While more often than not, these people are coming up empty....occasionally they post video evidence that wows the kid in all of us, and shows us that there just might be something to this whole Bigfoot thing. In the future I plan to discuss some of the wretched politics revolving around the Bigfoot world, but today I just want to lightly discuss the topic for those of you who want to get an idea of what's going on without having to do hours of research into the topic.

Where do you stand on the subject? Do you feel that all of us believers are nuts, that there is no way on Earth that this creature could possibly exist? Well, if that's the case, you might want to rethink the subject. More and more people these day, both laymen and academics alike, are starting to give this area of research a second look. The fact that more believers are coming around every day is NOT an indication that they actually exist. Instead, more and better techniques of gathering and recording evidence are being put into play every day, and this is resulting in more and harder evidence coming to light that is becoming more difficult for the world to ignore.

My personal view on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch topic is thus; Though I need some really good evidence or a personal experience to definitely know they exist, I believe that it is entirely possible that a hairy 8 foot ape/human type 'creature' may exist in the wild wooded areas where mankind typically doesn't go. Entirely too many sightings and reports of these creatures continue to stream in for it to be likely that they are all imagining things. While some may be tricks of shadowy light or mis-identification of some other known creature, an increasing number of sightings and reports that are made public are coming from dependable eye witnesses who are either trained observers, wildlife experts, law enforcement, or other people who possess spotless and respectable reputations within their communities. While I suspect that these believable witnesses have always been seeing these things, they've tended to keep it to themselves to avoid the public scorn which has historically followed behind those who claim to have seen one of these creatures. Due to the increased mainstream discussion about the subject in every day media in our society, it is only now, that more and more people are coming forth to talk about what they saw or experienced.

Evidence that Bigfoot may be in the area tends to be....stick structures, either X's or small teepee-like structures, nesting areas, trees, both dead and alive, are being pushed down to block paths, and are sometimes occurring while the researcher is nearby. Footprints, both singular and as a part of a trackway are being found across the country in many hotspots. Tree knocking happens quite often, and howls have been recorded and analyzed by experts in the vocal calls of known animals. Some of which cannot be identified as a known animal.

Bigfoot creatures are often seen crossing roads or paths in wilderness areas such as around lakes and within state parks and national forests. Hunters and bike riders and campers and families walking the dog and senior citizens just going for a relaxing walk with a loved one, all are seeing Bigfoot.

Hikers and campers enjoying the wooded areas are sometimes assailed by rocks flying at them from unseen sources, while grunts and growls and rustling in nearby bushes are scaring the bejesus out of others. People awakened in tents in the early morning hours are hearing two-legged footfalls moving around outside and within their camping areas, and some have even had a hand or a knee or some other body part of an unknown creature push in the side of the tent fabric mere inches from the faces of terrified people within. When the people get the guts to exit their tent and shine a light around the area, most often they only catch a glimpse of some hairy creature on two feet disappearing into the nearby woods or brush. However there have been a few reports of these people finding themselves standing face to face with an 8 foot menacing creature, staring at them as if they are as shocked to see the person, as the person is to see them.

Bigfoot not only visits camp sites, but home sites as well. There are many documented cases where Bigfoot regularly or sporadically makes appearances close to houses near wooded areas. They've been known to tap or scratch on walls, or move things around, or steal pet food, or just walk through the yard. Some of these cases involve dogs barking and people looking out windows and seeing a huge man-like hairy creature standing in the yard or nearby treeline, while others are of a much more personal nature. The reports that truly get to me are the ones where someone will be in the house doing normal household things. They may hear something or just get a hankering to look out a window, and find themselves looking face to face into the eyes, mere inches away, of one of these creatures that had apparently been watching them for who knows how long. This truly gives me the creeps and would likely result in my funeral if it happened to me. However, oddly enough, according to the vast majority of reports.....Bigfoot tends to be curious but harmless. Yes, one may think, umm, they are throwing huge rocks at people and growling and that doesn't sound too friendly. You are correct. But if they truly wanted to harm or kill you, they easily could accomplish that without much effort at all. While there are some sporadic reports of seemingly violent encounters with these creatures, the overwhelming statistics indicate that they do not want to harm us, and instead just want us to get out of their area and are willing to scare us to accomplish that result.

While there are a growing number of academics looking more closely at this topic, the vast majority of so called mainstream scientists avoid the subject of Bigfoot and Sasquatch for fear of being regarded with disdain within the scientific community. They simply label it as a myth, and stick to safer things to discuss or research. Although dozens of new species of previously unknown mammals, birds, plants and insects are discovered every year, for some reason the 'official' scientific community refuses to acknowledge the loads of sightings, evidence, both actual and anecdotal that is uncovered on a regular basis. They most likely prefer to wait until the creature is proven to exist, then try to get their piece of the pie at that point.

Until that occurs, dedicated researchers will continue searching and gathering evidence and sighting reports. I look forward to the day when it's common knowledge that Bigfoot actually exists. That way we can finally conduct well funded research that most likely will result in them being placed in protected status by the federal wildlife agencies.

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