Sunday, August 14, 2016

Is Sasquatch a Human or an Ape?

This, my friends, is one of the most debated questions in the world of bigfoot. Is Sasquatch a member of the very wide and broad family hominid, which includes modern Humans, chimps, gorillas, orangutans etc, or can it be dropped into the more specific family called hominin, which is pretty much Humans and all our direct Humanesque ancestors ?
Some researchers prefer to label Sasquatch as a North American ape species, that occasionally mimics Humans in looks and behavior, while others insist that Bigfoot is a type of hominin, or close Human relative. While nobody knows for sure, everybody seems to have an opinion.
For the purpose of brevity in this answer I am only going to focus on the North American Sasquatch or Bigfoot.
The following info is merely a broad generalization, and not intended to be represented as 100% set in stone fact. Across the USA there are several different types of bigfoot reported. Some, like the most well known patterson-gimlin bigfoot that reside in the pacific nw are big and broad with a conical head and a brow that juts out. Facially they have ape like features, while body wise they are huge and barrel chested, at around 600-800 lbs, stand at full maturity at 8-10 feet tall, (although larger specimens have been reported) and are primarily bipedal with longish arms that extend down to their knees. These are generally referred to as type 1, category 1.
Next, down in the southeastern USA, ranging from okla to georgia, are the type 1 category 2 creatures, which are often described as tall and stocky, 300-600 lbs, 6-8 feet tall, covered in hair, but are more Human like in the face. Many who encounter these creatures and get a good look at them swear that these guys look amazingly like very big and hairy Humans. Compared to the creatures in the Pacific nw, which are usually skittish around Humans, often preferring to leave the area when people are around, the creatures in the south are often reported to be a bit more angry and standoffish toward people. These guys have serious attitude issues and are well known to behave in very pissed off ways to try and get you to leave their area. In fact, there are even several stories going around where hunters or hikers or campers felt they were lucky to make it out of encounters with these creatures alive.
While there is no documented proof of a bigfoot harming or killing a Human, there are conspiracy theorists who believe that not only have these creatures kidnapped and killed Humans for food, they have an opinion that the US gov is aware of these events and make great efforts to keep them secret.
Scattered across the USA there are also what are referred to as type 2 creatures. Type 2 category 1 being the swamp or skunk apes that live in the southern swamp areas of Florida. They are typically smaller in height than your type 1's, but are still way bigger and stronger than Humans. These swamp or skunk apes are often viewed as more ape like in the face, but occasionally a report comes in of one having a very Human like face.
Lastly, there are the type 2, category 2 creatures which are often reported to have a snout like a baboon or a canine. These are the least reported Sasquatch type, so data is still being collected in an attempt to better describe this group.
While it's true that some types of these creatures live primarily in certain areas of the country, any of them can be found in many different locations in the USA. You may have type 1 category 1's and 2's living within ten miles of each other. As such, reports by witnesses sometimes say the creature they saw looked like an ape in the face and had a coned head, while others on the opposite side of the county will report that their creature looks like a big hairy cave man with Human features. It appears that somehow these different types respect each other's areas and avoid interbreeding. If they did interbreed, there would no longer be all the different types.
Ok, with all that said, are these apes or Humans? There are five aspects to them that make it possible for me to have an opinion. 1) Their footprints look almost identical to huge Human footprints. Although bigfoot has a hinge in the middle of their foot, the shape is much more like a Human's than a hand-like ape's. 2) They have what appears to be language. While nobody can interpret it yet, nor have any idea what their jibberish means, there are numerous recordings of these creatures "talking" and imitating Humans and animals. It's a well known fact that true apes do not have the throat plumbing necessary to talk. 3) In my opinion, based upon numerous stories and reports of organized behaviors by groups of these creatures, they are just too intelligent to be a mere ape. 4) Many of them have hooded noses and Human like facial features. Since I've seen Humans with ape like faces, the ape like bigfoot faces don't mean much to me when weighing it back and forth. 5) Apes in their natural habitats, are all vegetarians. While chimps will hunt and eat meat, ape's do NOT. Sasquatch is well known to be omnivorous, eating roots and bugs and berries and deer and other small game. You know, kinda like....Humans.
So in my very uneducated and unimportant opinion, Bigfoot/Sasquatch are hominin, or a member of the Human side of things. Not a direct relative, but definitely a distant relative on a nearby branch of the evolutionary tree. I predict that once one is captured or killed and DNA tests are run, we will discover that these creatures are our distant cousins, so to speak.

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