Saturday, September 3, 2016

When will Bigfoot finally be found?

Bigfoot has been found, and is continuously found again almost daily across the USA. Over the last 150 yrs there have been numerous reports of sightings and various types of interactions in every state but Hawaii. The fact that pretty much every person in the country knows about Bigfoot is an indication that the creature has been found. A better question might be: Why is Bigfoot still considered to be a mythical creature even though there are daily sightings and mountains of evidence that demonstrate that they exist? Hrmm, I wonder.

In rural areas across our nation, some farmers and ranchers encounter these creatures on their property anywhere from a random once or twice a year thing, on up to some experiencing encounters or evidence on a nearly daily basis. However, if you ask them about it, they will chuckle and say they've never seen any evidence of the creatures in the decades they've been ranching/farming there. These people are good, honest, hard working pillars of society, but on this topic, they refuse to tell the truth, even to their own spouses and family members. Why do you think this is?

I think the answer is three-fold. Reason one is the obvious one, they want to avoid being laughed at by their fellow ranchers and farmers and neighbors. They prefer to pretend that nothing is going on, because apparently deluding oneself is a more palatable choice for these people than dealing with the truth of the matter. Even though those same neighbors are also having bigfoot issues on their property, grown men will succumb to peer pressure and razz anyone who is stupid enough to talk about their infestation. It's common knowledge that if a property has these visitors, their neighbors are being visited as well. Bigfoot is an equal opportunity pain in the ass.

Reason two might be because all their lives they've been told that these creatures don't exist. To admit to anyone, especially to them selves that these creatures do indeed walk and talk and roam their property at will, contrary to popular belief, would result in them having to take action to deal with them. It's just much easier to ignore the missing sweet feed, and the braided horse manes, and the footprints, and the wood knocks and monkey sounds they hear from down around the creek, than it is to face the fact that sasquatch is a living breathing animal that is creeping around their property at night. Bigfoot being primarily nocturnal helps them to carry on the charade year after year. But when the grandkids come running into the house asking you about the monkey man that was throwing dirt clods at them by the pond, the situation becomes a bit more precarious.

What I believe to be reason three is a bit sticky. Most rural ranchers and farmers and citizens in general, tend to be church going folks. Even if they hate going, they attend regularly to keep up appearances to preserve the respect of their peers that they've built up over their adult life. As with the UFO issue, admitting that sasquatch exists can very well bring along with it religious complications. Hard core xtians usually prefer to believe the bible stories that Humans are the kings of our domain, and that the boogie man is the seed of the devil. Some think that if they accept that bigfoot exists, it must mean that Satan has taken a liking to their homestead, and their family too by association. If bigfoot is there, it must be because they haven't been praying hard enough, or they've been cussing too much etc etc.

It's disappointing that some people are so shallow and gullible to believe such nonsense, but I honestly think that this is a major factor in rural folks not reporting sightings and evidence they encounter on a regular or semi regular basis. Admitting that bigfoot is a real animal that lives alongside of these God fearing people, would require a pretty deep rewiring of their belief system, as well as their psyche.

That's just one example of the problem as I see it. There are many others, but I suspect you get my point, whether you agree with it or not. Until the government stops playing games regarding admitting this species exists, honest people will continue to lie to others about their experiences. Once they let us off the hook though, I predict that a flood of reports will come to light, and we will shockingly realize that this creature is way more prevalent than anyone currently realizes. What a crazy time that will be.

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