Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some Things You May Not Know About Bigfoot

1) For most oblivious folks, it's a big hoot to make fun of the crazies who actually believe that a bipedal man/ape creature roams the backwoods across the USA. However, every day more and more video, audio, and footprint evidence, as well as respectable eyewitness accounts, are being made public. The time is rapidly approaching when the laughing disbelievers will be shown to be blatant fools who owe someone an apology. 

 With advances in affordable consumer technology showing up in backpacks everywhere, (such as HD image and HD video capable phones in everybody's hands, and high quality audio recorders and low cost night vision and infrared devices now becoming affordable by the common person) more and more people are chancing public scorn by getting out in the woods and capturing real footage of these creatures. As this occurs, it's starting to look like they may very well be a lot more numerous and wide spread than previously thought. 

While more evidence piles up, those who have had encounters but kept quiet over the years to avoid public ridicule, are starting to feel more comfortable talking about their experiences. They are coming forward, both in official sighting reports and in interviews on one of the numerous bigfoot themed Internet podcasts available almost daily for anyone to listen to. Many of these folks clearly state that they kept quiet for months or years because speaking up may have resulted in the loss of a job or business or friendships or reputation in their community. To a police officer, or ER doctor, or business owner, a damaged reputation could instantly result in the financial ruin of them and their families. 

Although many are emphatic about remaining anonymous, at least they are talking about it now, and that's a huge deal to researchers. The fact that many reputable eyewitnesses are not wanting to be identified, adds creedance to the validity of their reports. In other words they have nothing to gain (and much to lose) by making up a creature sighting report. 

It's always been the opinion of researchers that only around one in ten encounters are actually reported or even talked about. The scads of people coming out of the woodwork these days to tell their stories suggest that this number may be fairly accurate. So when skeptics say...if they were real more people would see them...they may be getting precisely what they've asked for. 

2) Contrary to popular belief, Sasquatch don't only reside in the deep dark woods way out in the sticks where few Humans visit. It's becoming common knowledge that while the Pacific Northwest may be considered the home base for Bigdootdom, they are witnessed in pretty much every US state but Hawaii. 

Any state or national park, any wildlife preserve, any hunting grounds or farmland or ranch, riverbottom or creek bed or orchard, and any acre + stand of woods can hide a sasquatch. They literally can be.....anywhere. 

I find the Hawaii thing curious. I believe it was a video by Michael Merchant a few months back regarding this phenomenon that got me to agreeing.... If we are to trust in the judgement of professionally skeptical scientists and subscribe to their opinion that most bigfoot image and video evidence is hoaxed, why aren't we seeing hoaxed fake evidence perpetrated in Hawaii? Do people in Hawaii lack a sense of humor? Do people in Hawaii tend to avoid pulling pranks on the general public? I find it odd that pranksters and hoaxers are rampant all across the continental USA, but seem to be absent in Hawaii. Weird eh? 

One other side note to the presence of bigfoot all across the USA that I suspect most people don't know....is that any smallish clump of woods or creek bed may be the home of one or more of these creatures. They have been witnessed peeking in windows and leaving footprints around homes in well pooulated suburbs and neighborhoods in many states. 

You may think, that's impossible, because there's not enough food available so close to man. Well, they love pet food and livestock food, and are able to snatch things out of back porch freezers and pantries as soon as you go back in the house. Ever wonder why your bird feeder keeps going empty faster than you think it should? Recently I heard a story about a brazen squatch who reportedly opened screened kitchen doors on a regular basis and helped himself to an occasional loaf of bread or plate of leftovers. (The muddy 17 inch footprints on the kitchen floor was a dead give away) That's not even mentioning missing pets that forever disappear, and don't forget about trashcans and dumpsters that often have a lot of discarded cooked and uncooked food tossed inside them. A bite or two of a burger you were too full to finish, along with the dozen leftover fries in that McDonald's bag may not seem like much nutritional value to you, but to a 3 foot juvenile sasquatch making the rounds at 3am, it's a tasty treat. 

These intelligent animals are expert opportunists, and have even been suspected of grabbing a bag of groceries out of open car doors and trunks as mom carries the groceries in the house in 2 or 3 trips. They are lightning fast and amazing at hiding in plain sight, so none of these possible sources of a well rounded diet can be ignored. 

3) Like with any subject, there are many schools of thought within the world of bigfoot regarding its nature of reality. As more and more people become open to the possibility that bigfoot exists, there are two differing opinions developing out of the melee. 

Group one views sasquatch as a flesh and blood animal that eats and sleeps and poops and walks the Earth the same way the rest of us do. They study the subject based upon the theory that bigfoot is born and lives and dies like all other animals. These folks consider themselves to be realists, who tend to avoid letting romantic spiritually influenced notions of how some see bigfoot to be, to interfere with their search for the actual physical creature we all know and love. 

Group two people subscribe to a varied menagerie of beliefs that most often lean toward viewing sasquatch as either a fully, or partially rendered supernatural creature that is infused with a whole slew of magical or otherwise scientifically questionable aspects and abilities. These abilities vary from them being able to communicate via telepathy or what is commonly called "mind speak" with receptive Humans, to possessing the ability to appear or disappear at will. The latter is believed possible by the creature either emitting some type of cloaking/invisibility energy, or by totally moving about between multiple metaphysical realities by way of mere thought, or by utilizing energy portals that seem to materialize in areas where sasquatch like to roam during their sporadic adventures on Earth. 

Some members of group two theorize that bigfoot and ufo's are connected, and some even feel that Bigfoot is most likely a hybrid creature created by alien beings for either entertainment value, or for some other devious reason that mere Humans can't begin to fathom. 

Group one members, for the most part, believe that while, as with pretty much every other wild animal, most bigfoot are very likely generally peaceful animals that just want to be left alone, they respect the piles of evidence out there that these creatures have a more deadly and bloody side that can and has and occasionally does result in Human injuries and deaths. 

On the other side of this coin, group two members tend to embrace the theory that bigfoot is a species of peaceful intelligent Human that loves us and protects us and enjoys the peanut butter and apples that group two habituaters are known to leave out in "gifting" areas. They do this for a myriad of reasons ranging from wanting to establish a friendship with the creatures, to feeling like they have a special spiritual responsibility to augment their natural food sources with yummy treats to demonstrate affection and kinship with them. 

Group one members tend to question the ethical and moral wisdom in feeding these wild animals, but the group two members who do it continue on with the practice regardless of negative possible results. Evidently they strongly feel that the perceived benefits gained by habituating these creatures to receiving food from Humans far outweighs any potential harm such an activity my cause. 

The multi-faceted world of bigfoot is littered with unusual quirks and beliefs. The three things I discussed above are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Regardless of where you stand on the above topics, I hope you feel a little more knowledgeable about the subject than you did before visiting this page. It's a fascinating subject that is likely to go on surprising and amazing all of us for some time to come. Just remember, learning and developing an understanding about anything is usually best approached like a sponge. I know very little about this topic, but I enjoy sharing what little I do uncover with the hopes that it inspires others to want to learn more about this wonderfully fascinating creature we call Bigfoot.

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